Eat. Shit. Distort.


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a few tracks from a new tour cassette,recorded live for CIUT (89.5) equalizing distort) full version available from the band! rage.


released February 6, 2014

Sean - vox
Matt - Guit.
Preston - Rumble
Darren - Drums




IDNS Toronto, Ontario

Everything punker than everything else.

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Track Name: Unconscionable
wake up screaming covered in sweat?
haunted by decisions you've lived to forget?
do horrific images flash through your head?
the piles of dead!

how is your conscience not haunted by dreams
or in your minds eye, do the ends justify the means?
how do you sleep?

locked in a cage, tortured, abused
denied sunlight, nutrition, real life just for food

the blood on your hand's won't wash away...
Track Name: Global Abuse
Tear up the grass,
uproot the trees
to build concrete homes for the 'dominant' species,
displace the animals, poison the sky
destroying to create this hell we call life

endless fucking urban sprawl,
endless fuckin waste
the excrement of humanity, strewn across the land....

global abuse
Track Name: Without Warning
living in fear, of a system of hate
when your backs to the wall, when will you break

we are the heretics
they come for us in the nights
clandestine assassins
with knife hilts clutched tight
for they fear our power, and they fear our wrath
approaching in numbers in fear of attack

the dust will not settle
from this endless fray
and the blood in the streets
is replenished each day
we cannot forget, nor can we forgive
their deepest transgression, not letting us live

a time will soon come, where the floodgates are opened they're overwhelmed
and it will come to pass, that monuments of oppression are cast to the ground
as a constant reminder, of all that is wrong - built upon war, upon pain,
and let us not in our folly, rebuild it again.....

for without warning, we will attack
for how much longer, can we hold this rage back?
for without warning.........